How does vinyl pressing work?

After receiving the proper formatting of vinyl order details from the customer Green Lakes. Pressing is cutting the master copy and preparing the main pressing plant stamper. The second stage is the actual high-quality vinyl pressing. We pour the plastic pellets into the pressing machine, which are heated up and pressed. After that, it extrudes the vinyl prepared according to the master stamper. Later the specified trimmer removes the excess. And finally, the machine releases the vinyl to the cooling station.

How much does it cost to press a vinyl record?

Vinyl pressing depends on many criteria: size, quantity, and special requirements.
You can find the prices on our website or drop us an email for exact calculations.

Can you press your own vinyl?
We make customised vinyl pressing, so anyone who wants vinyl production can contact us: individual performers, bands, or labels.
How to find out if the vinyl is the first press?
Every record label has a unique way of cataloguing its records. This means that every vinyl record has a number or a barcode. Check the edition number. The edition number will be higher on first pressings, as they are usually pressed in smaller quantities. Barcode numbers can also help identify first pressings, as they are usually different on each pressing. You should know that first pressings often have thicker, higher-quality vinyl than later pressings. Also, the older original pressings are rarely on the 180-gram vinyl.
What is a test pressing vinyl?

The test vinyl pressing is made to check if everything is sound. With the first few copies, we test the quality of a stamper, customize, and adjust the settings of a press and generally make sure your music sounds as good as your master file.

What is the best way to package vinyl records?

For the final release, we offer to put the vinyl in a custom-made envelope which is securely placed in a hard-cover record jacket.

How do you ship expensive vinyl?

Expensive vinyl, like any other, is shipped under precise packaging instructions that ensure the protection of the products. Also, we can offer additional transportation insurance if needed.

Can you ship vinyl records internationally?

Green Lakes Pressing works with all of Europe, so we make international shipments ships worldwide.